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Government Relations Update

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Newsom is looking for Central Valley business people to fill appointments.
Gov. Gavin Newsom wants names.
Specifically, he wants the names of Central Valley business people who are interested in serving on the state's many boards and commissions.
And BizFed Central Valley is working to get those names together but needs our help.
This is a unique opportunity for the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to get valley people involved in key decision-making positions and to get the valley's voice heard in Sacramento.
BizFed CV has organized an appointments committee that has identified several boards (out of thousands in California!) that are key to the local business community.
BizFed CV is combing through the board position qualifications, application requirements and openings both for this year and in the near future to be ready.
What they need now is more folks interested and willing to serve.
Do you, or does someone you know, have a desire to serve on the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board? The Ag Labor Relations Board? San Joaquin Air Pollution Control Air District? Heck, how about the High Speed Rail Authority?
Or maybe you know of a board or commission that's key to our economic well-being that isn't ontheir list?
It's all fair game and Central Valley business people need to get in the mix.
The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a BizFed CV member, which means you can participate in this process.
Just drop BizFed an email:
Lois Henry, Advocacy Director,
Gov. Newsom has said, repeatedly, that he wants to better understand and work with the Central Valley.
The invitation is on our doorstep, we just have to open it up!
Jay Tamsi, President/CEO
Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



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